Cardboard Coffins

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Bury Me Naturally – Down to earth burial products

Our simple, beautiful biodegradable coffins reflect the same values that guide your life.
  • our coffins are sensible for burial, as well as cremation
  • our coffins are lovely as is, but can be used for personally-meaningful expressions of love (such as by writing notes, decoupaging pictures and decorating with paints)
  • our coffins are durable and sturdy, using a triangular structural cardboard core and secure tab and lock system
  • our coffins carry up to 250lbs

Biodegradable coffins are one of the four essential components of caring for the earth with a natural burial. We walk our talk by making them in Massachusetts in
a factory that uses environmentally sustainable practices and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The cardboard is made with a bleach-free process, using 25-35% recycled material and a starch-based adhesive. No metal, no toxins.

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