Showing Up to Remember

by Ruth Faas Memorial Day Weekend, 2012 The Wikipedia description of Memorial Day is interesting.. ?I hadn?t known, for example, that African-Americans in South Carolina held the first official Memorial Day in 1865 to honor fallen Union soldiers. ? Reading this take on how the holiday has changed over the years (before and after that observance) brings to mind the shifting needs and uses that commemoration can have for us.Last year the half-sized replica of the Vietnam War Memorial came to Arlington, MA, for four days in April. ?At the last minute I squeezed volunteering for it into my life. ?The whole experience was moving in many ways. ?Behind the scenes I could see how much people had done to make this happen, for example. I spent my shift helping people look in a guidebook to locate specific names on the Wall, since it?s arranged chronologically, not alphabetically. One woman[link to read more…]

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