“Take Steps Now to Manage Your Online Afterlife”

Even reading the above title of the article in today’s Boston Globe newspaper fills me with dread. In addition, like me, you may have already seen similar articles with advice on this topic. And, like me, you may have been thinking you don’t really have much of an online presence needing to be dealt with.

Nevertheless, please read this article. It’s the most comprehensive article I’ve seen, and even just taking the following first step is a good start. (If you’ve already done this first step, that’s great!! Please don’t dismiss reading the rest of the article, though. You’ll surely find something.)

“Take inventory of all your online accounts. That includes your e-mail, social media, cloud storage, financial accounts, and hotel and airline rewards programs, as well as subscriptions and services that are automatically billed to your credit card (Netflix, Hulu, etc)”

And remember to share your inventory, hopefully including recording it in a Planning Guide such as “Before I Go, You Should Know” from the Funeral Consumers Alliance. That’s available online (of course!) for $30.

Planning ahead makes such a difference for our survivors. We all know that. Now you have this article to help.

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