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THE FUNERAL CONSUMERS ALLIANCE. The FCA is a national advocacy and educational organization with local chapters. In Massachusetts we are very fortunate to have two knowledgeable and active chapters in eastern and western Mass. North Carolina is very active as well. Both local websites offer unique and valuable information such as a funeral director survey about services offered, with specific questions on green burial options. You will find links to state regulations and information about many pertinent issues. We also highly recommend the Before I Go, You Should Know” planning guide, available from the FCA national headquarters (and artwork from Edward Gorey!)

THE GREEN BURIAL COUNCIL A leader in the Green Burial movement, The Green Burial Council certifies funeral homes, cemeteries and products with high environmental standards. They are also active educators and advocates for the natural burial movement. Their website offers an extensive map of all and everything certified by GBC.

PLANNING AHEAD – THE WHAT IF WORKBOOK. This is my favorite planning ahead guide because it succinctly, yet thoroughly, covers a wide range of information that would be useful for a number of situations. Because my dad died unexpectedly I know what a difference this makes. Come into the studio to see this and other planning guides, and pick one that will work for you!!! Please do it now!!!

PLANNING AHEAD – THE ENGAGE WITH GRACE MOVEMENT. Visit this website to find a “one-slide” presentation of questions to answer for yourself and then discuss with loved ones. Founder Alexandra Drane encourages this from personal experience, following the death of her sister-in-law, Rosaria Vandenberg. Furthermore, Engage with Grace encourages us to use Thanksgiving dinner as a time to have these conversations. It can make such a difference in the future, and even in the moment…

NATIONAL HOME FUNERAL ALLIANCE – (NHFA)Learn about family-directed after-death care in the home that public or private as you would like.

CHRONIC CARE COMMUNITY CORPS. This organization has a lot to recommend it, but most of all I appreciate this:”The Arc of Illness is designed as an organizing strategy for information, tools, and resources to help caregivers and friends of caregivers.”

ETERNAL REEFS. You can choose to help replenish the ocean reef habitat – a wonderful legacy and way to commemorate a loved one who has been cremated. Ashes of one or more people (and sometimes pets, too) are poured into a concrete ball that serves as the seed for a new reef.

NATURAL BURIAL COMPANY. Cynthia Beal imports a number of our products. She’s also an eloquent writer, and you can find a synopsis of her upcoming book, Be A Tree, on her website.

JAE RHIM LEEae Rhim Lee is an artist and a visionary who really, truly would like to make a version of the Mushroom Burial Suit she’s invented available to use for actual burials. July 2011 TED talk

ORDER OF THE GOOD DEATHThe Order of the Good Death is a group of funeral industry professionals, academics, and artists exploring ways to prepare a death phobic culture for their inevitable mortality. It was founded in January 2011 by Caitlin Doughty, a mortician and writer in Los Angeles, CA. Excellent tongue in cheek yet super authentic videos on a variety of topics about the subject of death and dying.

ECO FLOWER. Eco Flower uses recycled and sustainable materials for flower bouquets and miscellaneous home decor. We create flowers from sola wood, birch wood, denim, pine cones, burlap, old novels, used music sheets, jewelry and many other materials that are great for our planet. Each item is handmade and made unique for you.

LIVINGSTONE MEMORIALS – By blending your loved one’s ashes with clay, we create lasting memorials to hold and cherish. Livingstones Memorials are Raku fired clay stones that look and feel much like polished beach stones.


KINKARACO Esmeralda Kent has been making beautiful shrouds for a long time, including the one that was used on the tv show Six Feet Under.

LAST DANCE SHROUDSHere you will find unique shrouds that upcycle materials such as linen left over on bolts or can be made from the clothing of the loved one who’s died.



LAST THINGS – this link goes directly to a page of DIY casket/coffin plans designed by master woodworker Chuck Lakin. At our Boston location we have 2 additional caskets and a lovely cremation container already made by Chuck. From this link you can click to find other casket makers in Maine plus a lot of information.

PIEDMONT PINE COFFINS (North Carolina) – Want a pine box? Go out green with Piedmont Pine Coffins the dignity in simple pine. They also sell plans for DIY coffin. Based out the Piedmont in Bear Creek, NC.

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