Retail Coffins, Caskets & Shrouds in New England

We wholesale cardboard coffins.

From our Massachusetts location we also retail the natural burial items below:


Woven Fiber Caskets


This casket is made from banana leaves! ?We also have two types of coffins woven from bamboo.?Three different sized child caskets are available in woven fibers.

Plain Pine Caskets


This extra large pine casket was made by a carpenter from Billerica who put a great deal of thought into the details. ?For example, the floor is raised to allow better carrying along the long edges, while still having lengthwise runners allowing it to be used for cremation as well as burial. ?There is no metal in this casket (you will notice dark wooden nails displayed sticking out of the top, eventually to be used to secure the top). ?It is solid enough to be used in advance as a storage chest or even a coffee table, as well as being ready for immediate use. ?Beeswax or another finish could be applied. ?The interior is unlined, though other options are available.

We also have a regular sized pine casket made in Rhode Island, designed with a top which slides.


Painted Pine Caskets

shop-casketstackwithtwo wood-closeup-of-purple-flowers

A retired firefighter made this casket in Norwood, MA. It was painted by an artist at her home, approximately 3 blocks from our studio.

Artistic, Personally Meaningful Caskets, Coffins, Urns and Shrouds

shop-imgalleryl1000323600x338Mourning Dove Studio is connected with a number of artists who will do custom work. ?For example, the graphic design studio at Artists for Humanity (an art studio that works with inner-city Boston teens), will design and print unique artwork sized to fit our cardboard or pine caskets. ?We can decoupage that here, or you can do this yourself.

We also encourage and support you in finding ways to decorate the coffin or casket yourself. For example, the PBS documentary, A Family Undertaking, shows a midwestern ranching family personalizing a casket using their cattle branding irons. ?In this film you can also see a number of cardboard caskets that have been lovingly decorated by family and friends.

The pine casket shown here was painted with a historic design from the Ethnography Museum in Budapest, by Sue Cross, to honor her Hungarian ancestry. This specific casket is not for sale. ?It is displayed here demonstrating the option of using a casket in advance of need, for example as a chest for linens, with a seat cushion on top. ?It’s currently in use as a bench in Sue’s living room.



Ecopods were invented by a midwife in England and have been used there for 10 years.

They are hand-made out of recycled paper and covered with paper made out of silk and mulberry.

We currently have three Ecopods. ?The red Ecopod has an Aztec sun design, as shown above. ?Our green Ecopod, which has a Celtic cross on it, was featured on The Today Show (see details in our News and Events section). ?A red Ecopod was pictured in the July, 2008 issue of National Geographic. ?Also available is a white Ecopod, elegantly simple without design, or possible to customize.

This Ecopod casket is shown in a conventional cemetery to demonstrate that all of our biodegradable products can be used in any cemetery.

Recent Testimonial:

“Because you were so pragmatic as well as sensitive, I found myself able to talk to Mom about her wishes for her memorial service and burial instead of tip-towing around, and also able to express to her my appreciation of her life even in the midst of some virulent verbal abuse that otherwise sent me back emotionally to earlier decades. And I was able to see some of the conflicting ideas my sibs had as valuable expressions of their feelings rather than as arguments that could separate us.”

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