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Memorial Day 2020

37,000 flags were set up in the Boston Commons in 2016, the year these photos were taken, in
memory of all the service members in Mass who had died from the Revolutionary War to date.
Because of the Covid-19 crisis, this year the people who organize this effort offer a file on their
website for us to print off a flag and display it in our windows.

Along with the sheer volume of people from MA who?ve died in the military (a total of 37,309 at
this point), the personalization of a number of the flags made us catch our breath.
Now, with the pandemic upon us, we are so restricted in how we can share who our loved one
was and the ways in which we knew them, in in how we can grieve and be comforted through
ritual and community.

We can still find ways. For example, a recent obituary in the Boston Globe reported that local
family members of a woman who had died came together, observing socially distant protocols.
Standing near a pond, they held on to a circle formed from the scarves of this woman, known
for always wearing scarves, while sharing thoughts and stories.

Our website,, has a Tribute Ideas section where people have shared
personally-meaningful ways they found to commemorate loved ones. Some of these ways are
still possible to do during this pandemic. Others may provide a starting point for you to think
of your own ideas.

Please share any ideas or experiences you?ve had which might help others, sending them directly to because our website is having trouble with communication sent through it.

Best wishes during this devastating time, personally and globally…


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