Bury Me Naturally

Down to earth burial products

These coffins are suitable for a burial or a cremation

Why use cardboard?
  • Cardboard coffins are easily biodegradable
  • Designed to maintain their shape when being tranferred
  • Simple tab locking system is extremely durable and trustworthy
  • They can hold up to 350 pounds, weight inserts included with every order
  • Stylish as we used a coffin design currently used in a typical European funeral
  • Incrediblely useful for the DIY movement
  • White gives a great background for creative pursuits and art therapy ?- waterbased paints/inks, collages, natural fabric, journal entries, notes from loved ones -the possibilities are endless.
  • Our manufacturer is based in Boston, MA – they are a solar powered and eco-minded manufacturer mindful of every step in production.

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