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Planning Ahead: introduction

We?re all just trying to get the laundry done, as my friend, Betsy, says. We know it?s important to plan ahead for things related to dying, death, funerals and wills, both for ourselves, our parents and others we have responsibility for. ?But so many, many things of all sorts get in our way! We?ll change that – by Memorial Day!? ?We’re picking Memorial Day as the timeline for this process because the first big tip the experts tell us is to STRUCTURE IT IN. ??That is, by linking taking action to a specific date, it?s much more likely to happen.? It’s crucial to do this planning for ourselves and others once, certainly. ?What we are doing right now is getting our plans in place by using Memorial Day as a deadline. ?Then, once your plan is made keep reviewing the plan on a ?structured in? basis – by revisiting your[link to read more…]

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