You can honor your loved one and hold them with expressions of your love and grief on their coffin as it surrounds them, even in this heart-breaking time when you cannot be with them as they die. Children have a simple but profound way to take part in this moment. Photos and loving words can be emailed by those not present with you to add their own farewells.

We sell white cardboard coffins that support this way to say goodbye.
They are ecologically-sound, economically-sensible and sturdy for either natural burial or cremation.

In death we have a choice to return to the earth in a more natural way with a biodegradable coffin, casket or shroud. For future generations we can help preserve land or use less fossil fuel during cremation. This is a legacy we all can leave.

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Ruth Faas

Boston, MA

Carol Motley

Asheville, NC


Carol D. Motley

I am a mother of two, a wife and ELA teacher (English Language Acquisition) in Asheville, NC. My passion for Natural Burials began in the 90s when my grandmother died and the disconnect was clear between how ‘it is done’ and how my nature loving Grandmother lived. Intrigued by everyone saying, “There really ought to be a different way. I just want a cardboard coffin”, I serendipitously began my journey to not only learn more, but do more. Through the support of my family (Thank you Dad and Rob Motley!) I found a way to make it happen and support a ‘healthy death’ as well as keeping end of life a natural transition to its truest form. After years of working together, Ruth Faas and I joined forces in 2016, clearing a path to have natural funeral merchandise accessible to everyone.

Ruth Faas

After my mother died in 2004, the casket was one of the things I obsessed about. I wished for something beautiful that might have helped me to stay more emotionally present. I started out first looking for help for myself - and then found out that usual burial practices have a significant environmental impact. Learning about natural burial practices, home funerals and other options led me to want to make them available for everyone so I’ve been working towards that in Massachusetts since 2006. I’m happy to work with Carol now to make her sensible, natural, beautiful cardboard coffins available as widely as possible.